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If you are tired of submitting helpdesk tickets and waiting for an offshore robot to respond 2 days later, give us a call.  We pride ourselves on delivering the ultimate customer service experience.

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What’s stopping you?  Our team of experts can overcome any obstacle that has been preventing you from making the transition.

Build Your App

Whether it be a smartphone app, mobile-responsive website, customer portal, or server-side business logic, our team of full stack developers are well diversified in the latest technologies and are ready to deliver success!

Integrate Your Systems!

Integrating multiple systems together is a common need in modern businesses.  We are experts with API integrations and can orchestrate data flow through multiple databases and services.

Take Your Business to a New Level with Simple and Relevant Technology

We are a lightweight team of agile developers. We share a uniquely robust background of development, networking, server management and support, and have a track record of successful cloud migrations. We execute fast and iterate with precision focus.  Let us solve the problems that have been holding you back!

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The idea has been stirring around in your head for long enough.  Time to take action, build, and monetize your dream!

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Does Your Current Tech Slow You Down?

If your current solution is slowing you, your staff, or your customers down, its time to let the pros do their thing.

IDB Pro stands for Infrastructure and Database Pros - and thats exactly who we are. Turn your problems over to us and watch us pave the way to a sleek and modern solution that your customers expect.


Did Someone Say Dashboard?

So you want a dashboard that works on tablets and smartphones?

We get it. We understand the tremendous power of surfacing the right data points in the right context to allow you to make those mission critical decisions. Why should you be tethered to a desktop or laptop to think about your next move? We build mobile-first dashboards that can pull data from multiple systems, both on-premise or in the cloud.


You Don't Have Time for Tech Headaches

Outsource your IT support to us today and we will solve the lingering issues that cause you headaches.

Our team of diverse engineers will stay on top of your servers, printers, email, phone sysytem, conference rooms, website, TV, and more. We are the ultimate full service IT powerhouse with a team that delivers results.


From Design to Delivery

We walk with you down the entire path

Building apps may seem like a big undertaking, especially when you have existing systems and technology in place with data that needs to be integrated. We make the process simple, elegant, and enjoyable.

Our Development Methodology

Our proven practices ensure success for all of our clients

The first and perhaps most important step in every one of our projects is to simply listen.  We pride ourselves on our ability to truly understand the needs of our clients.  Every project is unique, and we love to hear our clients’ cast the vision of how they want their app to change the world.

After we understand your vision, we will dig further into the details and figure out what it will take to fully realize your app and make it a reality.  We will build mock sketches of what it could look like, and talk about user interface flow, data storage, and integration with your existing systems.

The build phase is where we roll up our sleeves, jump into the trenches, and code away.  Using the latest frameworks and standards, our team of skilled developers will synthesize ideas and concepts into the app you’ve been dreaming about.  You will love it!

You are the captain of this ship and it’s your job to steer us in the right direction.  With regular demos of your app during development,  it will be easy for you to visualize the progress and make refinements along the way.

Deployment of your app could be as simple as pushing it to a cloud service provider like AWS or Azure, or it could be more complicated due to complex integrations with your existing systems.  Either way, we are infrastructure pros and understand the art and science of graceful non-disruptive deployment and updates.

Business Apps and Services

Custom business apps, services, and integrations require highly specialized skillsets. Our team of seasoned developers have the industry know how to integrate modern app ideas and concepts with legacy data storage and systems. There's an art and science to this, and we are masters.
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IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT is a cost effective way to scale your technology expenditure across a wide range of needs. Hiring full time employees that specialize in specific areas is not only costly, but in small to medium sized environments you may find that your admins and support staff have a lot of idle time on their hands. When you outsource, you can take advantage of pooled resources and leverage the skillset you need at the right time.
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is more important than ever. With data breaches in the news everyday, its only a matter of time until your company is hit with a malicious attack that could compromise your business and customers. Our team of security experts will bring you the assurance you need to rest at night, with your data protected.
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